A downloadable niCompany for Windows

Keep the fire going by finding and bringing in logs! Otherwise, it will go out and you will be left alone with the zombies!

In the forest you can find not only logs, but also fritz-kola, which speeds you up for a while!

All the power of the fire - it burns the zombies, leaving only the graves!


D or right arrow - to go right

A or left arrow - to go left

W or up arrow - to go up

S or down arrow - to go down

The game was made in 11 hours, because I just found out about such a great opportunity today - to participate in this game jam, get invaluable experience and discover something new!

All scripts and sprites were made by me within 11 hours. 



Game.zip 51 MB


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Absoluten Respekt für 11 Stunden! Die Eule war richtig gut :) Mit den Soundeffekts ist richtig Wald-Stimmung aufgekommen.

Hallo! Vielen Dank für den Feedbackservice, ich bin froh, dass es Ihnen gefallen hat!